MatrixDS is the data project workbench

MatrixDS is Github meets Docker for data scientists and data analysts. Designed from the ground up for the data community, we are a place to build, share and manage data projects at any scale.

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The collaborative platform for creating great analytics

All the best tools securely connected to your data

Cloud Workspace

One place for everything you need to build data insights. Your data, files, code and tools are all accessible from your browser with no installation.

Analytic Tools

R? Python? Use any of your favorite tools to build the solution your project requires. Don't worry the platform will automatically track your work.

Flexible Infrastructure

Build as much backend as you need for your project. Deploy tools instantly with one click and when done tear them down.

Data Munging

Get the data you need where you need it. Build project databases, import files directly, pull from an S3 bucket or connect to an external API. Everything will be automatically available to your tools without extra effort.

Repeatable Projects

Your team never writes the same line of code twice. Never lose progress when a team member leaves. Projects are auto-documented and managed for easy forking or repeating.

Team Collaboration

Project team members can work in their favorite environment while being able to give and receive feedback on products.

Data Science Services

The best partners for your analytics efforts.

Whether you are starting up or have a rock star crew, our team can support you with expertise in the following areas.

  • Retail & Logistics
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Data Management and Strategy

We build data solutions that provide the competitive edge you need in today's data-driven landscape. With MatrixDS under the hood, there is no more pain in creating unique business-driven solutions.

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The Team

Our core team brings over 40 years of operational experience
in data science, leadership and education


Isaac Faber

CEO & Co-founder
Data Scientist
MS in IE, University of Washington
Phd Student, Stanford MS&E


Alejandro Martinez

COO & Co-founder
Quantitative Analyst
MBA, Cornell
MS in OR, Cornell
Phd Student, Stanford MS&E


Doug Gibbons

CTO & Co-founder
Infrastructure Specialist
Brunel Engineering
15+ Years IT Leadership

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