Data Science as a Service

We combine Decision Science with Artificial Intelligence to deliver digital solutions at scale.

Make Sense of Your Data

Present the data that you need to make decisions in an actionable form. Turn every business question into a custom dashboard that automatically updates at the pace of your business. No more struggling with spreadsheets to model what you want – get insights immediately and focus on growing your business.

Add AI to Your Business

Use machine learning to power predictions, like anticipating which sales leads are most likely to close. Automate time-consuming processes and tasks, including producing reports or tracking assets. Support decision making with personalized tools, such as determining your optimal supply chain order.

Integrate Flexible Resources

Our pay-as-you-go model allows you to scale up and down based on your current needs. We offer different levels of engagement to match your capabilities and goals. All our packages are month-to-month subscriptions, and you can cancel at any time.
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Highly trained partners with diverse skills and backgrounds to lead your projects

Isaac Faber


Isaac has previous experience in finance, insurance, cybersecurity, and military operations. He has a master’s in Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in Risk Analysis from Stanford University. His research focused on analyzing the behaviors of different cyber traffic signatures to update cybersecurity policies.

Byron Lee


Byron has previous experience building and leading technical teams. He has served as CTO and VP of Engineering at several large companies as well as startups. He has worked in biotech, pharma, security and mobile contexts. He holds a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.


MatrixDS provides a state-of-the-art collaborative platform. This provides real-time access to tools and infrastructure for building data-focused solutions effectively and efficiently. The platform provides the flexibility to empower all stakeholders in the creation of advanced analytics, whether through integration to other IT systems, easy access and interaction with decision-makers, or a sandbox for data scientists to build what your company needs.
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