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MatrixDS is tool I use often when I teach. It makes it easy for my students to work in teams to analyze data or run a simulation using R and Python. MatrixDS lets my TAs and students spend time focusing on the data instead of on installing Python and sharing files, or troubleshooting version control, file sharing, and other technical issues.

David Scheinker
Adjunct Professor, Management Science and Engineering

I love that I have the ability to seamlessly collaborate on data projects hosted on the cloud that free up computational space on my personal machine. Anyone who is looking to collaborate on data projects, work from the cloud without hassle, or uses a variety of tools for the same project - really anyone interested in analyzing data - will find it a useful product.

Giovanni Malloy
Ph.D. Student, Management Science and Engineering

ZeeMee was in need of a partner to assist in taking data manipulation and analysis to the next level during a time of growth in the number of clients and in the amount of data handled. MatrixDS provided both the tools and expertise to manage that growth while also enhancing reporting and analysis.

Garvel Kindrick
Director of Data Research


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