Building Customized Data-Analytic Solutions for Rapid Growth Organizations

Our Vision

At MatrixDS we support organizations through consulting, engineering, design, development, and deployment of data-focused solutions. Everything from data lakes and dashboards to artificial intelligence and smart products.  A superior and cost-aware alternative to hiring a data team, we are the ideal early partner for the data-driven growth-stage startup.


Why Us

We have built a team of data scientists and data engineers with experience in over 100 projects in a wide range of industries and applications. Our ability to design and deploy a customized data strategy (the only way an organization can differentiate itself) is far superior to building an internal team during the early startup stages.

We are an alternative to hiring, training, and building your own team and solutions from scratch. With deep experience, we know how to move quickly and avoid common pitfalls. This allows our clients to focus on their core competencies while leveraging the full power of data-driven insights.


Isaac Faber

CEO / Cofounder

MS in IE, University of Washington
Ph.D. Risk Analysis, Stanford MS&E

Alejandro Martinez


MBA, Cornell
MS in OR, Cornell
Ph.D. Decision Analysis, Stanford MS&E

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