Helping data scientists, leaders and analysts do their best work.

We’ve built a collaborative workbench in the cloud that enables you to focus on the things that matter and none of the things that don’t.

Build Your Portfolio

Work on ideas and projects in private until you’re ready to share, then publish them to your own personal profile in our community where others can follow, forklift and like.

Quickly Launch Tools and

Need data storage? Modeling? Visualizations? No need to install anything, just a few clicks and you can spin up the tool of your choice with all necessary compute power and dependencies in seconds.

Run Resource Heavy Jobs
Without a GUI

Tackle large data sets and intensive computations with commands that are tracked, monitored, and logged in the cloud. No need for baby sitter hardware or keeping browser sessions alive.

Integrated File Repository

All your project files and codes are automatically accessible and available to any tool or job you create. Upload your files directly or pull from Github, Amazon S3, Dropbox, or Google Cloud

Collaborate and Share

We made easy to privately invite colleagues into your project to collaborate, or share your outcomes with your clients, You can even share individual tools via URL.


Grab one of our starter projects

We’ve put together a few projects to demonstrate the power of the Matrix

Forklift a community project

Browse through projects to find something interesting to start from