Data Science is a Team Sport

MatrixDS provides a flexible platform that empowers the whole team and streamlines the process, from beginning to end

Product Owner
MatrixDS makes the overall project lifecycle more efficient and creates and organized and unified platform for visibility into data, models, and visualizations.
Data Scientist
Easily spin up your favorite tools and all their dependencies with the right amount of compute resources so you can focus on the task at hand.
Data Engineer
Gather data sources in one location that is automatically  and seamlessly available to a wide range of tools to munge, clean, and model.
Data Analyst
Work seamlessly with the models and machine learning outcomes (even as they change) to tabulate and visualize using your favorite tools.


Share code… and everything else

Easily provide access to code, data, environments, and visualizations in a granular way that makes sense for your projects.

More efficient iteration and evolution of projects

Our unique Forklift technology lets team members build off one another, leveraging the team’s work without limiting their own.

Work separate, together, or both

Collaboration built by and for data scientists means that you can share (or not!) just the way you want to, and all from one platform.

Retain organizational knowledge

Your company’s data science projects are no longer a black box connected to an individual, but a protected resource of knowledge and progress.

Integrate your existing stack

Easily connect to existing databases and products. No need to replace your existing stack – integrate with it however you’d like.

No hassle data product publishing

When your data product is available, just a couple clicks publishes to the organization or your clients. Web apps, reports, APIs… no extra setup required!

Let us handle the infrastructure

Don’t waste time on complicated installs for your next project. Get your team up and running in minutes with our stable and powerful tools, prebuilt with your team in mind. Team members can also spin up their own environments with a couple clicks!

A secure platform of your own

Created with larger teams in mind, MatrixDS Enterprise creates a secure, private community for your data team to work without limits. White label the platform and use special admin tools for granular visibility into user activity and resource usage.
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